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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

6 months of marriage, and Othman shows his artiness!

Can I just say I have the sweetest hubby? I really do. Othman has been fully supportive my artistic endeavors of late, and is honestly quite the artist himself. He draws really well and when he was small he took painting classes. There are more than one of his paintings hanging on his parents' walls, and they're not bad at all. We've talked more than once about how he should draw something for me to paint, and after a discussion last night here's what he came up with:

A very trendy sea turtle, with fish, seaweed and
manta rays in the background. What's not to love??
As he was drawing it and showing it to me in its various stages of completion I was more or less astounded at how great it was, and have already started painting it! He's very imaginative, and we  complement each other well because while claims he doesn't have the patience for the painting part (not that I really believe him), he's much better than me at coming up with what to paint!

On a slightly different note, in my family we're all about giving cards to each other on birthdays, anniversaries etc. Not all the time, but you could say it's definitely in our family culture. That is not the case in his family, and if I get one card from him for every 2 or 3 things we celebrate (anniversaries, Valentine's Day etc.), I'm content. I was quite happy with the card I made him for Valentine's Day (and wasn't surprised not to receive one back), but the card he gave me yesterday for our 6 month anniversary totally showed mine up! While I was still at work he broke into my "art box" and painted this little treasure for me:
He didn't find any brushes except one and did everything with
that really big brush, which makes it all the more impressive.

How sweet is that? And while he was at it, invented a new sort of paint palette for me, with the Sidi Ali water bottles ubiquitous in our house.  

So happy to have an artsy hubby, even if he tries to play it down. To celebrate our six month anniversary we got sushi (are you noticing the trend yet??), he made me this beautiful card, and I made us a cake! I'm happy. =]


  1. Loooove the turtle! Really wonderful! And his card... Wow! Congratulations on your six months anniversary!

  2. I love the art! And that is so sweet Othman! :) Has it really been six months already? Doesn't feel that long...

    1. My thoughts exactly B!! How did 6 months go by so fast??