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Sunday, February 23, 2014

A glimpse into life in Casa

I'm always looking for good ways to describe where I live to my family and friends that have never ventured to Casablanca. Pictures and descriptions can only do so much, and I just happened to run across a video on YouTube which does a good job showing what traffic is like here, and some glimpses of downtown Casa. 

Of course it doesn't exactly show the highlights of the city, but is quite representative of what you might see driving around. We don't live or work downtown, but around minute 1:03 on the right-hand side you can see the church where I have choir practice every Monday evening. The McDonalds at 2:15 is right across the street from Lycee Lyautey--the giant French middle/high school where Othman's mom teaches science and his brother attends.

The video is to raise awareness of how hard bikers have it here. To be fair, many coworkers at British Council have regularly cycled to work and have recounted that it's much less scary than they'd imagine. I, for one, have never been tempted to try it! 

Here's a second video which does a better job of showing the highlights of Casa, and what mid/upper-class Moroccan teens (kinda like many of my students!) might like to do in their free time. ;p

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