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Monday, February 17, 2014

A gloomy winter Monday...

...made much better by a new book I can't put down (a Valentine's splurge on myself as I was getting Othman's gift), oh-so-good Harrod's tea and London tote from a mother-in-law freshly returned from a school trip to the city, and Olympics on TV. 

My Valentine's card for Othman, it was fun to make! 
We had a lovely night together last Friday, went out for seafood 
and juice, which doesn't sound particuarly appealing stated like 
that, but was very enjoyable! ;p


  1. Replies
    1. The Private Patient. A Dalgliesh mystery. It's fantastic, she does such a good job with character development. I was browsing the English part of the Virgin bookstore and it caught my eye, especially since it was nice and big and not too expensive. ;p

  2. Daddy lives the Dalgliesh mysteries. They're so well developed and written.