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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flowers and candles

I've been very quiet here on the blog lately, not for lack of things to talk about, but for lack of time to talk about them! As a quick update, let me revel in how lucky I am for a moment. I have a hubby that brought me these yesterday (after grocery shopping while I was at work!) for no special reason.

(Forgive the bad quality phone pic.)

The bunch of colorful and wonderful smelling fresh flowers was so big that I split it into two separate bouquets. 

They're at the entry of our apartment along with a lovely birthday present I got from a lovely friend  the essential oil diffuser on the right. I've had a tea candle lit in it almost constantly when I'm at home since I got it, and I'm convinced that the citronelle scent I've been using lately is a large part of the reason we've had very few mosquitoes so far this summer even with our unscreened windows. 

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such love.

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