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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On the road... except not.

I'm almost on the last leg of my crazy 56 hour journey from Casablanca to Brookings, South Dakota, currently sitting in my big brother's apartment in Chicago. It has been quite a trip, but (knock on wood) everything has gone smoothly so far! Here are some picture highlights.

On the 8 hour flight from Casablanca to Doha, flying over Saudi Arabia. These are irrigated crops. I always have fun flying over Saudi because I play a game looking out the window trying to find signs of human life. Most of the time there isn't even a road! We don't realize how huge and empty the country is.

Arrived in Doha! I thought it'd be a lot like Dubai but it was a bit less ostentatious and gargantuan. I quite liked it actually.

The architecture there was very cool.

My hotel, courtesy of Qatar airways, was goooooorgeous. Here's the lobby (decorated for Ramadan).

And again.

Going into my room...

I might've only slept for 4 hours, but let me tell you, I slept WELL.

The room was huge and wonderful. I took an amazing bath and had a room service dinner. Thanks Qatar Airways... I'll be flying with you again!!

The Doha airport, Hamad International, was hands down the best airport I've been to. The staff are incredibly helpful and nice, there was lots to see and do, the layout was very user friendly (unlike the sprawling Dubai airport) and even the gift shop prices were good! Maybe I'm giving the airline/country free publicity, and I'm pretty sure that's what they want since my ticket was so cheap (they just want people to like and be familiar with Qatar prior to the world Cup!), but hey I'm just telling the truth.

14 hours later....

Even though big bro is out of town, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful friend, Rene, who lives in South Bend (see above map) and who came and got me from the airport and hung out and took me out for dinner! I was only halfway coherent so the poor guy heard a lot of half stories and idea with no ends, but it was just lovely to see him. Back at Patrick's apartment, here's the view:

And the sunset.

And at night! I slept super well last night, and woke up in a panic around 5:30am thinking I was late for my flight. I have to leave at 10am, and 5:30am was 10:30am Casablanca time... I guess we know where my body still thinks I am!

Today... HOME!!

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