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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Isabel goes to Peru

Remember this post in which I begged you for money on behalf of my lil sis Isabel? Remember how she wanted to go to Peru? Well a big thank you if you were able to pitch in, because she ended up with enough funds to go! Actually, by now she has gone and come back, and this late big sister is only reporting on it now! 

(This picture post courtesy of all of Isabel's friends who tagged her on Facebook!)

As mentioned in the fundraising post, she went with a group from her university made up totally of choir students! They mixed tourism in with a few concerts, because the music education program she's studying with is so demanding that none of the students following it will be able to have a semester abroad.

This group picture hints a bit at being staged for tourists, but at least it proves what country she indeed was in!

She had an amazing time doing some surprising things, like sliding down rocks... (I'm jealous of that one, not gonna lie.)

And some unsurprising things, like drinking legally at age 19! Oh  the beauty of being abroad between the ages of 18 and 20. 

Her group got to climb Macchu Picchu! My envy is boundless.

Dizzy much?

But in the midst of all this fun they did indeed do some singing, including joining up with a Peruvian children's choir!

But then of course they also took a break to frolic next to the Pacific Ocean. Her university is in Minnesota and the vast majority of the students come from  the Midwest, so I'm sure the ocean was a treat!

Between sightseeing, travelling, singing, drinking, eating, being typical American 20 year olds abroad, and I'm sure plenty of other things that I haven't heard about yet, the trip was a total blur!

But she said it was an amazing experience, and I believe her! I mean just look at that town square, how could going there not be amazing??

I'm so happy for Isa that she got to go, and I can't wait to hear more details about it when I'm home this summer! She's actually staying in the Twin Cities for the summer, and just reported yesterday that she had just had training for her FOURTH summer job. So I would despair, thinking I wouldn't see her at all, but luckily we have a brother getting married. She can't skip that!

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