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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Photographing a family of three

I'm in the USA!! I had a veeery long but surprisingly smooth trip, and am so happy to be home, and in my family's new house! They moved just a week before I got here, and we're all thrilled with the house (they were house hunting for almost two years while living in temporary housing, so this move has been long awaited). I'll be doing a nice big post about it soon, but before I get too far from Morocco I want to share the pictures I took of my beautiful friend Jessica and her family last Friday!

The photoshoot was a breeze and we all really enjoyed the time we spent doing it. Can you believe that all of these were taken in their living room? I couldn't ask for better light. My sister thought it was in a studio!

Recognize these??

Little Noor is just the cutest.

I see Noor at least once a week, and now that he's 3 months old he recognizes me and smiles huge when I come to visit. It's a wonderful feeling.

They have such a beautiful family.


Here's daddy being a model...

and now it's mommy's turn!

 He's getting so big, at just three months, it's incredible. But seeing the way he eats it makes sense!

Noor is an incredibly alert and curious baby. From the very start his eyes have been open wide, staring at the world around and taking everything in!

Family peace, family love.

Snuggles with dad,

snuggles with mom.

He just recently discovered his hands, and watching him look at them and play with them is so funyou can feel his fascination!

Thank you Jessica, Ahmed, and Noor! I feel so privileged to be able to capture your family's growth and development like this! We've done a pregnancy shoot, a three week old shoot and now three months, so I guess six months in September is next. I can't wait to see how much he'll have grown by the time I get back to Morocco!

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