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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Henebry Family Reunion

Two weeks ago my dad's side of the family all came together chez nous in South Dakota to celebrate family love! 

We hadn't all been together in about 10 years, when the two littlest cousins weren't even born yet!

My parents hired a photographer for the event and I was waiting for the official pics to make a blog post. The families got individual pics,

as did the couples.

There were also lots of group pictures like this cute one of the boy cousins,

and this one with grandma and her grandkids!

The four siblings! Aka my daddy and his little sisters.

The weekend consisted of lots of burgers, alcohol, loudness, laughing, bonfires, music, and general revelry just the way we like it! 

My cousin John Michael's new profile pic explains things pretty well.

Early on Saturday the whole clan made our way to the local children's museum which was lots of fun. We saw some animatronic dinosaurs...

I thought they were super cool!

But the sillies were scared.

read about some dinosaurs...

Thanks uncle Dave for the photo!
..and made our presence known!

The weekend went by quickly but it was wonderful to see everyone, and meet our littlest cousins. They stayed an extra day and we had an outing with them, photos of which to follow in the next post!

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