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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Two little cousins

Meet Aparcio. He's five.

And big sister Marisol, aged seven!

We all had a lot of fun meeting them for the first time and playing with them! Well technically we had met Marisol, but she was only a month or two old at that point.

They stayed an extra day after the family reunion, which was really nice because it meant we got to experience them without so much craziness around. Tessie, Maria, and I took them on a walk to the park the evening before they left so their parents could pack up the car.

They had a blast, as the three of us took turns playing various games with them. Most involved pirates... I think. Lots of running away from each other at any rate.

The only times they were still enough for me to take photos were while they climbed up the highest slide, or slid down and stopped in the middle, keeping away from the pirate or monster or whatnot below.

And it was pretty cute.

Then Marisol decided to come show me some of her martial arts moves, and I chuckled quite a bit.

Twirling got her attention next, since she had the perfect twirl dress on.

I really enjoyed getting to know her. We had quite a few talks over the weekend as she told me about her family's recent move from New Mexico to Oklahoma, and about her school. She's very excited to be starting second grade soon!

Aparcio and I had a few talks too, but more on subjects like: "If we swung this hammock really hard would the tree fall down?" and "Have you ever been to South Dakota? It's reeeeally far away!" Oh little boys...

They did seem to enjoy their visit though, and we hope they'll come back and visit us soon!

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