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Sunday, August 9, 2015

More pictures of sisters

Last Thursday it was Tessie's turn for a photoshoot! We walked downtown one morning and took some fun pictures while antique and consignment shopping.

 The baby of the family is on her way to Freshman year of highschool in a couple of weeks, which makes me super proud of her, but definitely also makes me feel old!

We also took some really adorable sister pictures. Bia and Tessie have been a great team and the best of friends since they were old enough to interact with each other, and their relationship is very special. I was happy to get a few good shots of them together!

On Friday we completed the photoshoot by taking a few pictures with her contacts instead of her glasses in at a local garden. What a pretty, pretty sister I have!!

We all just love the baby of the familyshe brings so much happiness into our house, and we can't imagine life without our number seven!

Bonus picture, with brother-in-law!

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